In difficult times internal communication is critical

We cannot turn on the television, or pick up a newspaper without more news of economic doom and gloom.

With talk of businesses closing and redundancies, it is important to keep your people informed.

  • What is the current situation for the organisation?
  • What are the challenges we face?
  • What is our strategy to overcome them?
  • What is each individual’s role in helping the business succeed in a tough environment?

Internal PR is essential in uncertain times

All too often we see the internal communications agenda driven by the cold, legalistic requirements of HR departments and employment lawyers. The result is a climate of fear, concern and depression.

An internal PR agenda must be driven by honesty and integrity. But it aims to ensure that people understand the issues, what is being done to tackle them and what their role is in facing any potential challenges.

It’s a balance between painting the true picture (which may not be that rosy), fulfilling any HR or legal agenda, but giving your people a vision of a future they can believe in, rally round and work towards. They also need a clear understanding of their role in achieving the vision.

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