Over 30 years in the PR consultancy business, Ken McEwen has built up a strong reputation for devising and implementing successful campaigns.
Ken McEwen business consultant
A Fellow of the Institute of Directors and former chairman of the IoD Aberdeen branch, Ken McEwen has a clear understanding of the needs of business.

A theme through Ken’s career has been promotion of Aberdeen and North East Scotland and its businesses. Being geographically removed from government and business centres, Ken believes it is easily forgotten.

Accordingly he takes every opportunity to promote its economic significance and its merits.

Prior to establishing the PR Partnership (Scotland) Ltd in Aberdeen as a new start-up in 1984, Ken McEwen was in charge of PR, promotions and publications for NESDA, the regional industrial development organisation in Aberdeen and North-east Scotland.

In a varied career he has also had hands-on experience in newspapers, as press officer for the City of Aberdeen, as a magazine editor, as a broadcaster and programme presenter.
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